Importance of Editing

This is a truly very interesting and important topic indeed. It tells us what is the need for editing? We do editing in our writing several times until it going to be published. In reality, we want more perfection in our created literature. Therefore, we do editing several times. But, we should remember, perfection is such an endless thing. But, we want perfection. Why? To give our writing better readability as much as possible. So, we do editing to make some changes from time to time.
An author creates something new. If he/she does editing. The author only can rectify grammatical and spelling errors, nothing else. Why? Because the author has a certain mindset.
Next time, read loudly. If readability is improper, that portion will hurt your ear. Underline those portions. Those portions need rectification. Therefore, rectify those. Again, read it. It will be sound better.
In this way, the editing will be continued until it will be published.

Unfulfilled Desire

I wish to describe
Your beauty, I can not find
Appropriate words.

[ This is a traditional Japanese Senryu. The following characteristics will be there in a Senryu:-
1. It is a single verse poetry form.
2. It contains 17 syllables in total.
3. Total line=3.
4. The first line contains 5 syllables.
5. The second line contains 7 syllables.
6. The third line contains 5 syllables.
7. It deals with human nature. So, love, hate, wish, sadness, joy, any kind of thoughts which may be good or maybe evil etcetera are the subject of this poetry form.]

I Remember(2nd draft)

Even after a long gap, I still remember your uneasy and a bit disturbed face. Greediness on your mind is reflecting in your so-called lovely face. you want a breakup in our relationship. Why? There is no reason behind it. So, you feel uneasy. you tried very hard but did find my single fault. I know, you will be very happy if you find the slightest fault in mine. It will be easier to give me a punishment.
I’m an honest person but belongs to a middle-class society. You also belong to the same society. You are very optimistic. So, opt for a rich lifestyle rather than a peaceful life. So, you prefer him. It is matching to your character.
I don’t take any revenge on you. I know, one day you will understand that you are wrong. But, I will not be available then.
You presented me with some memories. I shall never forget those.
I pray to God for mental peace.
Have a nice beginning.

[This is the utility of every draft. Some alterations must be there from the previous draft. So, editing is needed.]

Autumn’s Beauty(A Japanese Haiku)

Autumn in her full
Glow with clear blue sky with white
And nice floppy clouds.
[ It is a traditional Japanese Haiku. The following characteristics will be there in a perfect Haiku:-
1. It must be a single verse.
2. Total line will be three.
3. Total syllables will be 17.
4. Total syllables. in line one will be 5.
5. Total syllables. in line two will be 7.
6. Total syllables. in line three will be 5.
7. A Haiku deals with nature, the mother nature. So, the beauty of a season, forest, trees, River, rock, mountains, birds, sky, daytime, nighttime can be the subject of a Haiku.]

Fact and Fiction

If we try to write fiction, at first we need a fact which is real indeed. Based on that fact, the writer writes fiction.
I can give an example. Yesterday, I went to a restaurant to take my lunch. I saw a young lady who sat in the other corner of the restaurant. She was looking very upset. This is a fact and a real incident. This fact is the root of fiction.
I returned to my house after a few hours. Now, I started to imagine. What incident did she make upset? I found many possibilities. Now, I started to think, what will happen next? These are also some possibilities only. I find them through my imagination power.
Now, I give them a shape of a story as per my desire. I have to cover some interesting steps to give it a story shape.
I shall discuss them later.

I Remember

Even after a long gap, I still remember you’re ashamed to face. You wanted a breakup in our relationship but you did not find my single fault from my side. You tried wholeheartedly not found any fault. You were a greedy person. So, you choose him as he was rich. Your lust and greediness get preference instead of humanity and love.

I always remember your selfish attitude. It is an unforgettable experience.

Counting My Days

“We will walk together in the way of our life .forever,”
-” Thank you, dear.” My eyes become tearful with emotion. I can’t control it. This is a tear of joy.

Emma said that eleven years ago. But, she could not keep her words. Emma died in a sudden plane crash ten years ago.
I have become lonely since then.
I live with her golden memories.
I pray to God that I wish to meet her again very soon. Now, I am counting my days. I don’t know when this counting will be stopped.

My Dairy



I join here as a forest officer just five days ago. It is a remote village. Except for my luxurious officers quarter, all houses are muddy. So, my quarter is mismatching with the rest of the houses.
It is a remote Valley area. A dense forest is covering most areas. One day, I entered the forest. I need to use searchlights in the daytime due to the high density.
Within mid-evening, the entire area becomes calm and quiet. After the Sunset, you will never listen to a single human voice. Only you will an almost muted slow but steady flow of the river water can be heard.
Anyhow, I enjoy this environment very much.