Enlighten yourself

Always try to think positively. Sometime, we may commit some mistakes. It is quite natural. We should take lessons from those mistakes to make our future more successful but we should not live together with those mistakes. If we do this, the wheel of our life stop soon. We will live like a dead person. When our destiny will be covered in darkness, then we should try to enlighten the fate again with the help of previous experiences..


True lover

Somik Bandopadhyay


I crossed a huge diagonal distance

To touch your heart,

If you feel pain,

You may go, leave me alone,

But I shall worship you as usual.

If you come back again,

You shall also be able to see it.  




Somik Bandopadhyay

A flower has very short-life

But she gives us pleasures

from her beauty and fragrance.

I know this liking

Nothing but

The moment’s fun,

 Which erases the fatigue

Of our monotonous life.


Can not  we too, take lesson

To dedicate our own life

For the sake of humanity,

From flowers?

The reality

Somik Bandopadhyay

Neither the variety of colors

Nor the fragrance os flowers,

Attract a bee.

They are attracted by the honey

Inside the flower.



Same way, apparent beauty

May fed with our age

But we shall remain

As brighter as before,

In our own world

For our eternal  beauty.